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So I was thinking…

Every time my better half hears those words escape my lips he visibly cringes, something to do with that phrase equating to work of some sort…I don’t quite understand the reference, but anyway…

I was speaking with a group member recently, and realized that I hadn’t properly announced that Enticing Designs now has 4 (well, 5) locations.

Now, what is strange about this, is that we just moved from our primary home of over 6 years – a month and a half ago, officially opening the doors at the new flagship location on February 15th. Within the few weeks after this initial move, we have acquired, and opened, 4 more locations!

Our Flagship location on the Satori continent houses all Enticing Designs Mesh, Layer, and CHALK applier clothing, as well as Junk & Disorderly Decor, Discount Items, Gacha, and TBD items. Our initial home property; also housed here are the Coastal Tower Condominiums, and Enticing Designs Dockside with waterway access rez-area and 7Seas fishing.

The ED2 location on Gaeta V houses only the newest Enticing Designs Mesh Clothing for men and women, and the largest display areas for Junk and Disorderly mesh items. Be sure not to miss this one, the Observation Tower here is a must visit, but if heights aren’t your thing then maybe the long beautiful beachfront and pier will make you smile.

ED3, in what I would call the heart regions of Sansara, came as a surprise. A gorgeous property set off to itself, surrounded by water on an island tip and separated from other nearby properties by roadways and bridges, what was once a mutt property has become one of my favorites. Developing challenges for this beautiful property were hopefully achieved welcomingly (as I haven’t heard otherwise) with the addition of another very long and wide pier open to the public and offering a rez-area dock.

ED4, just North West of the bridge in the Atoll area of the Heterocera continental regions,  features a long cornered pier on the South and East edges. Skirting the Haploa Shallows to the East and the navigable coastal waterway to the South with rez-area docks, the large pier here is a beauty to behold of the shallows during sunset. Enticing Designs Mesh & Applier Clothing, as well as CHALK brand applier clothing is found at this location.

ED5 is the adult demo location on Zindra for Junk & Disorderly Decor and Furnishings and is only a showroom location at the time of this publication. A 6th parcel purchase is anticipated.

That’s quite a jump.

So, within the last few months, I’ve moved a main-store twice over to be sure, and plus that to be honest, as well as managed several new releases in the process, and I have a lot more new releases ready to explode onto the scene. I’m beginning to see why my better half cringes when I use my brain! It would appear I think too much, maybe. Sometimes.

There. Official announcement unofficially posted. Ha!


Moving Forward…

Another new year, another rezz-day in Second Life.  On January 1st I celebrated my 9th year with the Second Life community.  Nine years…that means Enticing Designs is about…eight and a half!  Yep!  We’ve actually been around that long.  Amazing isn’t it?

Actually, truth be told, I’ve been in Second Life longer than Enticing’s born date shows.  I can hear the gasping already; “She’s an alt!”  Yes, yes, she is!  She was methodically planned, created, and named, specifically, to be the business entity behind Enticing Designs.  Destiny just happened to be the surname available at that time which started with a D to match the Enticing Designs initials, and on the whole of it all, Enticing Destiny sounded kinda cool too!

So, enough history trivia.  Judging from this site it seemed things were pretty quiet here during 2016, but behind the scenes things were running at a rapid pace.  The year began with some major business upgrades being implemented, one of which included some major changes to this website, which I think may have led to the hackings I experienced last year.  So while the site was left unattended for quite some time due to the hackings, I can assure you that work still continued elsewhere, and this year I’ll be more careful when I make my planned site changes. 🙂

As usual, real life challenges muddied the waters off and on, but I was able to design, build and place the new store, move almost 1500 products over to the CasperVend system, add several popular product updates that had been requested, and even continued to put out several new releases and participate in the Mrs Claus’ Christmas Market event over the year-end holidays.  Overall not bad.  Not great, but not bad for a one woman show!

Sadly though, at the end of it all, I learned in December that the property Enticing Designs flagship store has resided on since October 15, 2010 was in jeopardy, the estate having been abruptly sold to new owners and the previous owner having left Second Life for good.  I won’t go into the hows, or the whys, or the what-evers, but it was with an extremely heavy heart that I was forced to seek a new home for Enticing Designs and say goodbye to Fairchang Calypso SW after 6 plus, extremely happy years.

At the end of Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, Enticing Designs will formally close its doors at the Fairchang Estate, and will formally open its doors at our new home on the Mainland region of Helmudhoe.  Informally, the new home is currently open, though please keep in mind that I still have more work to do should you decide to visit.

The new build has been designed to incorporate all of the Enticing Designs group stores, as well as an outlet store, Gacha Garden, eDens Office, Coastal Tower Condominium rentals, Social area with games (free for everyone), 7Seas Fishing, and a dockside rezzing area (with 3 minute auto-return) where residents are welcome to open boxes or rezz boats to access the waters of over 300 plus navigable ocean regions on Second Life.  There’s even a free sailboat vendor and an inner-tube rezzer!

That being said, another chapter closes on Enticing Designs history and we begin moving forward…

Hacker’s Be Damned!

I’m back!  As you may have noted, my only post this year has been about the Anhelo offer (now expired) but I must say my lack of posting wasn’t on purpose!  Sadly (being an independently owned site) I got hacked earlier in the year and they managed to shut me down for a bit until my better half had a moment to look into and fix things, and then as soon as we got the site back up, life took over and said ‘I require your attention here.’  So I had to leave things alone a while longer, and then came back to post something new only to discover that the website had been hit again! How crazy is that?

So, the website is really, really behind, and also so is Flickr, because when I don’t post to one, I don’t post to the other.  I thought about trying to post pictures of all the releases that have been missed this year,  but there has been so much that I realize it would delay my posting even longer so maybe I’ll integrate a few items into my future posts until it’s all caught up.

Which brings us to happenings in world!  If you’ve been by the store at all this year you’ve probably noticed some major changes taking place.  The flagship store has evolved and been remodeled yet again in an attempt to integrate all of my creations into one space under the land title name of Et Cetera.  Enticing Designs, Chalk, Junk & Disorderly and Zing all in one spot!  I’m still moving everything in of course so you’ll have to pardon my mess for a bit, but it’ll be lovely when it’s all together!  Drop in and see all the changes, and in the meantime I’ll continue to attempt to fix this site so I can post all the new stuffs!  See you soon!



Anhelo Stone Gate and Fence


Amazing offer going on now, but you must act fast!

New from Anhelo and only available right now at the Cosmopolitan Event is the new M21CO Stone Gate and Fence.  Not only is it amazingly detailed and looks stunning as it is, but if you move quickly Anhelo will modify the materials textures and add your name to the top of the gate in your choice of 3 available fonts!



Texture modification application dates are July 4 – 16, 2016 so you must act now!  The link to the modification application is here, get a move on and get your personalized gate now!

It’s Almost Party Time!

SL12B Train Station_001

It’s my favorite time of year again, the Second Life 12th Birthday Bash is about to begin!  Sims open to the public at 12 noon SLT Sunday June 21st (that’s in about 1 hour), and Sims are open with performances through Sunday June 28th.  The theme is year is “What Dreams May Come” and there are 15 Sims just jam packed with exhibits and stages and gifts and the SL12BIG Hunt!  Nothing is allowed to be sold at this event, it’s all FREE, so make sure you fly by!

Pictured above…well, that’s a sneak peak preview picture I took of The Station Welcome Area!  You have to see it in all it’s dark region glory with it’s natural settings to really feel the creepy spookiness of it all, I just happened to have my personal Windlight settings on when I captured the photo 🙂

None of the brilliance of the Cake Stage was lost with my Windlight settings though, I can guarantee that!  The picture below is only the very interior of the stage and doesn’t even begin to represent the enormity of the build itself which is a whole Sim large, you really must see it for yourself!

Cake Stage SL12B

So as I stated before, this is my favorite time of the year, and the SLBirthday party is my absolute favorite event!  Historically I’ve always made sure I found the time to leisurely walk the Sims and check out each and every exhibit.  Last year I expanded on that, and I attempted to capture at least one photograph of each and every exhibit, stage, etc. (link to SL11B photos) which I must add, was a lot of work, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

This year I’ve gone yet another step further, decided to put on skin and hair and bring Enticing of her skybox for a whole week so I can greet people at the party as an official SL12B Dreamy Hostess (I did not come up with that tag name)!  Yes, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone but I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience and I’m extremely excited for it to begin!  So, here’s the link to the SL12B Celebration website, check it out and come join the fun, maybe I’ll even see you there!

<3 Enticing

It’s Fun Friday! And other random crap…

Don’t you just love Friday’s?  The first part of the day usually isn’t that wonderful (with all the normal boring weekday items to take care of and such), but once that part is all said and done Friday’s are fun days! Or, depending on your schedule, fun evenings! Whatever the case – it’s the start to the weekend, which for me usually means I get to sleep in a bit more, and my time is my own to do with what I please (family and animals allowing, of course).

This weekend I’ve learned that I get to focus a bit more than usual on Second Life (SL), and this is a good thing!  Thanks to my wonderful better half who heard my cries of blogging frustration, I have now acquired my own domain and we have moved off of which will allow me much more freedom and control than I had previously.  Don’t get me wrong, I love, highly recommend it  over any other blogging sites I’ve seen because of the flexibility they offer, and obviously they have some wonderful tools that I’m still able to use on my own domain; but for my own specific needs it was a bit limiting.  Now if I can just get this one set up the way I want it…

Which leads me to the next bit…this post is not your normal SL store shopping post, and it shouldn’t be!  I want to set this in a separate area, News and Views maybe (well, not that name, but you get the idea), a general post / discussion area.  Comments welcome, spammers heads chopped off…that sort of thing.  I’ve always loved being able to interact people through SL but running a business all by yourself tends to make you a bit of a recluse and I must admit I don’t get out much anymore sadly…except for the occasional shopping spree…I am a female after all!

That being said, I’ll just nip this little comment from “KoolGuy92453” in the bud (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent as this one’s profile would lead you to believe), who sent me an instant message this past week while I was online working.  Now, if you’re a resident of SL and you’ve been a resident longer than a week, you’ve met someone like this guy before (or maybe a female version).  Some of us longer residents get a kick out of toying with these types, but I personally, get a kick out of being honest because they think I’m toying with them (ha)!

Besides asking a store related question to break the ice, he dug a bit deeper and asked me which one of the pictures in my profile was me.  Well, none of them actually, are my avatar in SL.  So he asked if any of the store models were me.  Well, yes, some of them are…but most of them are not.  Not giving up, he asked what I look like most of the time, and I could only reply that my avatar changes looks quite drastically so it would be hard for me to say, exactly.

After a long pause he asked me if I would mind popping down to the store to meet him.  Well, I wasn’t really dressed for making a public appearance as I explained to him just before I sent him the following picture, and I’m quite sure he was expecting to see something a little more…risque…

Enticing May 2015 Blog_002I never heard another peep from him after that.  Broke my heart, it really did.  Ah well, there’s always next time!

So feel free to communicate with me and I’ll use your thoughts, rants, etc., in the next fun crap post!  Maybe you have an idea of a better tab name for this area than “fun crap”…let me know!  I love feedback, I really do, it lets me know I’m still alive.  🙂

Until next time!

<3 Enticing