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Denim Jacket Collections – Mens & Womens

Gals Basic Denim Jacket
Swag Packs of 3: Blues or Colors

Guys Basic Denim Jacket
Swag Packs of 3: Neutrals, Blues or Colors

Gals Denim Jacket & Top
Choices of Striped or Solid Tops with HUDS of 8 Colors
4 Individual Jacket Colors: Black, Light Blue, Mid Blue & Dark Blue
(Tops cannot be worn separately)

Guys Denim Jacket & Top
Choices of Striped or Solid Tops with HUDS of 8 Colors
All Jacket Colors Available Individually
(Tops cannot be worn separately)


Moving Forward…

Another new year, another rezz-day in Second Life.  On January 1st I celebrated my 9th year with the Second Life community.  Nine years…that means Enticing Designs is about…eight and a half!  Yep!  We’ve actually been around that long.  Amazing isn’t it?

Actually, truth be told, I’ve been in Second Life longer than Enticing’s born date shows.  I can hear the gasping already; “She’s an alt!”  Yes, yes, she is!  She was methodically planned, created, and named, specifically, to be the business entity behind Enticing Designs.  Destiny just happened to be the surname available at that time which started with a D to match the Enticing Designs initials, and on the whole of it all, Enticing Destiny sounded kinda cool too!

So, enough history trivia.  Judging from this site it seemed things were pretty quiet here during 2016, but behind the scenes things were running at a rapid pace.  The year began with some major business upgrades being implemented, one of which included some major changes to this website, which I think may have led to the hackings I experienced last year.  So while the site was left unattended for quite some time due to the hackings, I can assure you that work still continued elsewhere, and this year I’ll be more careful when I make my planned site changes. 🙂

As usual, real life challenges muddied the waters off and on, but I was able to design, build and place the new store, move almost 1500 products over to the CasperVend system, add several popular product updates that had been requested, and even continued to put out several new releases and participate in the Mrs Claus’ Christmas Market event over the year-end holidays.  Overall not bad.  Not great, but not bad for a one woman show!

Sadly though, at the end of it all, I learned in December that the property Enticing Designs flagship store has resided on since October 15, 2010 was in jeopardy, the estate having been abruptly sold to new owners and the previous owner having left Second Life for good.  I won’t go into the hows, or the whys, or the what-evers, but it was with an extremely heavy heart that I was forced to seek a new home for Enticing Designs and say goodbye to Fairchang Calypso SW after 6 plus, extremely happy years.

At the end of Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, Enticing Designs will formally close its doors at the Fairchang Estate, and will formally open its doors at our new home on the Mainland region of Helmudhoe.  Informally, the new home is currently open, though please keep in mind that I still have more work to do should you decide to visit.

The new build has been designed to incorporate all of the Enticing Designs group stores, as well as an outlet store, Gacha Garden, eDens Office, Coastal Tower Condominium rentals, Social area with games (free for everyone), 7Seas Fishing, and a dockside rezzing area (with 3 minute auto-return) where residents are welcome to open boxes or rezz boats to access the waters of over 300 plus navigable ocean regions on Second Life.  There’s even a free sailboat vendor and an inner-tube rezzer!

That being said, another chapter closes on Enticing Designs history and we begin moving forward…

Menswear Foli Sweaters Collections in Two Styles

Foli V-Neck Sweater and Shirt
Foli V-Neck Sweater and Shirt

WF-Foli-Sweater-Shirt-BTwo recent new additions to our Menswear designs are from the Foli Collection which consists of two variations on the always popular V-Neck Sweater: one with the sweater alone and one with the sweater and a shirt (shirt cannot be worn separately).

All items are available individually, and also in our popular Value and (new) Swag Packs!  Drop by the main store today to try the DEMO, we believe you’ll love them as much as we do!



The Web-Tastic Collection is out now at Enticing Designs!

My latest releases are two sets of Web-Tastic designer coordinates which are just in time for the Halloween season!  The Web-Tastic Heels are rigged mesh,  and made only for Belleza and Slink High Feet, however the Web-Tastic Tank Dress comes in 5 standard sizes, 5 FitMesh sizes, and Fitted Meshes for Belleza, Maitreya, TMP, Slink, & Hourglass bodies!  All items are available individually or in a space saving Value Pack with a texture change HUD.  Drop by the newly remodeled Flagship Store today and try a DEMO so that you can be Web-Tastic too!

Hacker’s Be Damned!

I’m back!  As you may have noted, my only post this year has been about the Anhelo offer (now expired) but I must say my lack of posting wasn’t on purpose!  Sadly (being an independently owned site) I got hacked earlier in the year and they managed to shut me down for a bit until my better half had a moment to look into and fix things, and then as soon as we got the site back up, life took over and said ‘I require your attention here.’  So I had to leave things alone a while longer, and then came back to post something new only to discover that the website had been hit again! How crazy is that?

So, the website is really, really behind, and also so is Flickr, because when I don’t post to one, I don’t post to the other.  I thought about trying to post pictures of all the releases that have been missed this year,  but there has been so much that I realize it would delay my posting even longer so maybe I’ll integrate a few items into my future posts until it’s all caught up.

Which brings us to happenings in world!  If you’ve been by the store at all this year you’ve probably noticed some major changes taking place.  The flagship store has evolved and been remodeled yet again in an attempt to integrate all of my creations into one space under the land title name of Et Cetera.  Enticing Designs, Chalk, Junk & Disorderly and Zing all in one spot!  I’m still moving everything in of course so you’ll have to pardon my mess for a bit, but it’ll be lovely when it’s all together!  Drop in and see all the changes, and in the meantime I’ll continue to attempt to fix this site so I can post all the new stuffs!  See you soon!



Anhelo Stone Gate and Fence


Amazing offer going on now, but you must act fast!

New from Anhelo and only available right now at the Cosmopolitan Event is the new M21CO Stone Gate and Fence.  Not only is it amazingly detailed and looks stunning as it is, but if you move quickly Anhelo will modify the materials textures and add your name to the top of the gate in your choice of 3 available fonts!



Texture modification application dates are July 4 – 16, 2016 so you must act now!  The link to the modification application is here, get a move on and get your personalized gate now!

It’s been a Filigree kind of year, but a little bit Junk & Disorderly too!

To help you celebrate the holidays I’ve released our last official promotional gown of 2015, and it’s a beauty!  The Filigree Gown Collection is actually made up of only 3 colors: Onyx, Ruby, & Pearl.  What makes them stand out is the subtle line of Gold or Silver filigree detail which accents the gown from the base of the neck, down the side along a thigh high open split, all the way to the floor.  Additional elements are provided to assist you with making your look unique by optionally adding a sheer long sleeve top in white or black.  It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the holidays and end the year in style!

The Gown itself is rigged mesh; optional sheer tops are provided in classic system layers and with mesh body appliers for users of the Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, & Omega systems.  Add the entire collection to your wardrobe by grabbing the All Color HUD, or you can choose your favorite design individually, it’s your season to shine!

CV-Ad-Filigree-HUDclick thumbnails to enlarge

CV-Ad-Filigree-Onyx-Gold CV-Ad-Filigree-Onyx-Silver

CV-Ad-Filigree-Pearl-Gold CV-Ad-Filigree-Pearl-Silver

CV-Ad-Filigree-Ruby-Gold CV-Ad-Filigree-Ruby-Silver

So what’s with the Junk & Disorderly bit you ask?  Well here’s a quick intro: Junk & Disorderly is the newest (unplanned) division of Enticing Designs, offering all the miscellaneous stuff I’ve designed and or built that is not fashion / avatar related.  This means buildings, skyboxes, landscaping, furniture, decor, business tools, and more!

A kiosk with Christmas related items has popped up in front of the mainstore where you will find the first 64 (& growing) initial offerings from Junk & Disorderly as well as a few deeply discounted seasonal offerings from Enticing Designs!  In theme with the rest of our divisions, our prices are low but our quality is high, so drop by and check it out – you won’t be disappointed!


That’s all for now as I’ve got to get back to the workbench, my boss is a real slave-driver!  Here’s wishing you all a terrific Holiday Season, and (in case I’m unable to post again) a bright and wonderful New Year!

<3  Enticing

Nevermore Trick or Treat Trail Hunt 2015

In order to keep design quality from being compromised and value pricing structures intact, Enticing Designs participates in only a limited number of select events.  If you have an event you would like to submit for participation consideration you may submit it here, or contact Enticing Destiny directly in world via instant message.

Events currently scheduled:

Nevermore Trick or Treat Trail Hunt 2015
Theme: Fear of the Dark
Dates: October 24, 2015 through November 24, 2015
*Enticing Designs proudly participates exclusively in Nevermore sponsored Hunt Events (Please do not contact me with otherwise sponsored hunt events)

*Going On Now!*

Check out the pictures of gift items from the hunt here, and then get out there and get hunting!  Good luck!

Nevermore Winter Solstice Hunt 2015
Theme: Survivor’s Guide to the Holidays
Dates: December 10, 2015 through January 10, 2015
*Enticing Designs proudly participates exclusively in Nevermore sponsored Hunt Events (Please do not contact me with otherwise sponsored hunt events)