Enticing Second Life is a mix of experiences, old and new, stumbling through the virtual world of Second Life. This site features store news and information as well as general posts that focus on portraying aspects of the virtual world as experienced through the trials and tribulations of a Second Life resident who also just happens to own a virtual business.

Enticing Designs is a virtual store in Second Life which strives to offer a classy and versatile selection of quality apparel, accessories, and other avatar enhancements for both men and women at affordable prices.  Originally established in 2008 offering only ladies hand crafted fashions, Enticing Designs gradually expanded and gained popularity by listening to the needs of its customers; adapting to new design technologies, expanding both selections and variety, and continuing to keep both quality and affordability intact.

Enticing Destiny is the sole owner, namesake, and head designer for Enticing Designs. As such, Enticing spends most of her time working in Second Life, but she finds time to enjoy other passions such as shopping, attending live musical performances, and socializing with her close network of friends when possible.  Enticing specializes in designing classy, quality clothing for the discriminating avatar.

The human outside of the virtual world is female, resides in the United States, spends the rest of her time working a corporate desk job, traveling, volunteering, and enjoying time spent with her family and friends.  Second Life is an outlet for her artistic creativity and Enticing Designs is her favorite hobby, which oddly enough (because it is a lot of work for one person), she finds extremely relaxing in her otherwise busy and often chaotic real life world.  Real life business experience has taught her 3 things that she has found invaluable in the virtual business world:  Always listen to your customers needs and be flexible enough to bend whenever possible; don’t harass or annoy your supporters with unnecessary and unwanted spam marketing; and always, always, always, stay true to your word. <3

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