Denim Jacket Collections – Mens & Womens

Gals Basic Denim Jacket
Swag Packs of 3: Blues or Colors

Guys Basic Denim Jacket
Swag Packs of 3: Neutrals, Blues or Colors

Gals Denim Jacket & Top
Choices of Striped or Solid Tops with HUDS of 8 Colors
4 Individual Jacket Colors: Black, Light Blue, Mid Blue & Dark Blue
(Tops cannot be worn separately)

Guys Denim Jacket & Top
Choices of Striped or Solid Tops with HUDS of 8 Colors
All Jacket Colors Available Individually
(Tops cannot be worn separately)


Moving Forward…

Another new year, another rezz-day in Second Life.  On January 1st I celebrated my 9th year with the Second Life community.  Nine years…that means Enticing Designs is about…eight and a half!  Yep!  We’ve actually been around that long.  Amazing isn’t it?

Actually, truth be told, I’ve been in Second Life longer than Enticing’s born date shows.  I can hear the gasping already; “She’s an alt!”  Yes, yes, she is!  She was methodically planned, created, and named, specifically, to be the business entity behind Enticing Designs.  Destiny just happened to be the surname available at that time which started with a D to match the Enticing Designs initials, and on the whole of it all, Enticing Destiny sounded kinda cool too!

So, enough history trivia.  Judging from this site it seemed things were pretty quiet here during 2016, but behind the scenes things were running at a rapid pace.  The year began with some major business upgrades being implemented, one of which included some major changes to this website, which I think may have led to the hackings I experienced last year.  So while the site was left unattended for quite some time due to the hackings, I can assure you that work still continued elsewhere, and this year I’ll be more careful when I make my planned site changes. 🙂

As usual, real life challenges muddied the waters off and on, but I was able to design, build and place the new store, move almost 1500 products over to the CasperVend system, add several popular product updates that had been requested, and even continued to put out several new releases and participate in the Mrs Claus’ Christmas Market event over the year-end holidays.  Overall not bad.  Not great, but not bad for a one woman show!

Sadly though, at the end of it all, I learned in December that the property Enticing Designs flagship store has resided on since October 15, 2010 was in jeopardy, the estate having been abruptly sold to new owners and the previous owner having left Second Life for good.  I won’t go into the hows, or the whys, or the what-evers, but it was with an extremely heavy heart that I was forced to seek a new home for Enticing Designs and say goodbye to Fairchang Calypso SW after 6 plus, extremely happy years.

At the end of Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, Enticing Designs will formally close its doors at the Fairchang Estate, and will formally open its doors at our new home on the Mainland region of Helmudhoe.  Informally, the new home is currently open, though please keep in mind that I still have more work to do should you decide to visit.

The new build has been designed to incorporate all of the Enticing Designs group stores, as well as an outlet store, Gacha Garden, eDens Office, Coastal Tower Condominium rentals, Social area with games (free for everyone), 7Seas Fishing, and a dockside rezzing area (with 3 minute auto-return) where residents are welcome to open boxes or rezz boats to access the waters of over 300 plus navigable ocean regions on Second Life.  There’s even a free sailboat vendor and an inner-tube rezzer!

That being said, another chapter closes on Enticing Designs history and we begin moving forward…