The Web-Tastic Collection is out now at Enticing Designs!

My latest releases are two sets of Web-Tastic designer coordinates which are just in time for the Halloween season!  The Web-Tastic Heels are rigged mesh,  and made only for Belleza and Slink High Feet, however the Web-Tastic Tank Dress comes in 5 standard sizes, 5 FitMesh sizes, and Fitted Meshes for Belleza, Maitreya, TMP, Slink, & Hourglass bodies!  All items are available individually or in a space saving Value Pack with a texture change HUD.  Drop by the newly remodeled Flagship Store today and try a DEMO so that you can be Web-Tastic too!

Hacker’s Be Damned!

I’m back!  As you may have noted, my only post this year has been about the Anhelo offer (now expired) but I must say my lack of posting wasn’t on purpose!  Sadly (being an independently owned site) I got hacked earlier in the year and they managed to shut me down for a bit until my better half had a moment to look into and fix things, and then as soon as we got the site back up, life took over and said ‘I require your attention here.’  So I had to leave things alone a while longer, and then came back to post something new only to discover that the website had been hit again! How crazy is that?

So, the website is really, really behind, and also so is Flickr, because when I don’t post to one, I don’t post to the other.  I thought about trying to post pictures of all the releases that have been missed this year,  but there has been so much that I realize it would delay my posting even longer so maybe I’ll integrate a few items into my future posts until it’s all caught up.

Which brings us to happenings in world!  If you’ve been by the store at all this year you’ve probably noticed some major changes taking place.  The flagship store has evolved and been remodeled yet again in an attempt to integrate all of my creations into one space under the land title name of Et Cetera.  Enticing Designs, Chalk, Junk & Disorderly and Zing all in one spot!  I’m still moving everything in of course so you’ll have to pardon my mess for a bit, but it’ll be lovely when it’s all together!  Drop in and see all the changes, and in the meantime I’ll continue to attempt to fix this site so I can post all the new stuffs!  See you soon!