It’s Almost Party Time!

SL12B Train Station_001

It’s my favorite time of year again, the Second Life 12th Birthday Bash is about to begin!  Sims open to the public at 12 noon SLT Sunday June 21st (that’s in about 1 hour), and Sims are open with performances through Sunday June 28th.  The theme is year is “What Dreams May Come” and there are 15 Sims just jam packed with exhibits and stages and gifts and the SL12BIG Hunt!  Nothing is allowed to be sold at this event, it’s all FREE, so make sure you fly by!

Pictured above…well, that’s a sneak peak preview picture I took of The Station Welcome Area!  You have to see it in all it’s dark region glory with it’s natural settings to really feel the creepy spookiness of it all, I just happened to have my personal Windlight settings on when I captured the photo 🙂

None of the brilliance of the Cake Stage was lost with my Windlight settings though, I can guarantee that!  The picture below is only the very interior of the stage and doesn’t even begin to represent the enormity of the build itself which is a whole Sim large, you really must see it for yourself!

Cake Stage SL12B

So as I stated before, this is my favorite time of the year, and the SLBirthday party is my absolute favorite event!  Historically I’ve always made sure I found the time to leisurely walk the Sims and check out each and every exhibit.  Last year I expanded on that, and I attempted to capture at least one photograph of each and every exhibit, stage, etc. (link to SL11B photos) which I must add, was a lot of work, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

This year I’ve gone yet another step further, decided to put on skin and hair and bring Enticing of her skybox for a whole week so I can greet people at the party as an official SL12B Dreamy Hostess (I did not come up with that tag name)!  Yes, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone but I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience and I’m extremely excited for it to begin!  So, here’s the link to the SL12B Celebration website, check it out and come join the fun, maybe I’ll even see you there!

<3 Enticing

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My favorite go-to clothing for summer has always been spaghetti strap styled tops and mini skirts, so it’s only natural that I paired these two items to debut the new designer summer sets collection at Enticing Designs this year.  Sold together as a set; each outfit features a  top with a sheer (but not too sheer) print outer layer over a solid silk camisole,  and a separate wrap front mini skirt in matching print.  An added bonus, the versatility of separate pieces and popular colors allows you to pair them individually with other items in your closet for more great looking outfits without the cost!  Please be prepared and try the demo before you purchase to ensure they work together as they should on your shape.  Pieces work well together but are sized differently: tops come in 5 sizes XS – XL, and skirts in 5 sizes XXS – L.  All eleven styles shown above are available now, only at the flagship store.